Your Cat's Companion

Emily Ziebell

Your Cat's Companion


"Emily can be trusted to be incredibly caring of your kitty-cat while you are away. She is super vigilant of any medical concerns. She is cautious and considerate when she needs to go slow, especially around more skittish cats. She also laughs out loud while playing with your cat and their favorite toy! Donovan, my handsome Siamese mix, really loves when Emily comes to take care of him. He knows he'll get her undivided attention!"

- Melissa and Tim, guardians of Donovan

"Emily's intuition with felines makes her connection genuine as well as loving. She's always a professional with her human clients and comes with a wealth of diverse experience working with shelter cats as well as her own, which gives her resources to handle any household."

- Kathy, guardian of Pinky, Zora, and Panther

"Our cats used to punish us when we returned from out-of-town trips. You know the drill: angry scolding followed by a day or two of the silent treatment, making a show of sitting in the same room with their backs to us. Ever since we met Emily, things have changed. Now when we walk in the door, it's more like, "Oh, you're back?" Knowing that Emily provides such good care when we're gone has given us an extra measure of freedom. We trust her completely."

- Elke and Gabe, guardians of Kirby and Joe the Toe (rest in peace)

"Emily is such a special person and a wonderful catsitter. A person like her doesn't come into your (and your cats') life every day, when she does you should count yourself very lucky. She truly loves cats, even the ornery ones. And she really observes them carefully, noticing changes in their behavior over the years. I sometimes wonder if she takes better care of Mr. Bubble and Battleship than we do! There is no one who I'd rather have cat sit."

- Sera, Julius, Stella, guardians of Battleship, Mr. Bubble